Demonstration 2008Saudi Watch provides news, research and resources for serious Americans to expose the Saudis as the greatest exporter and propagator of Shariah in the world. Shariah or Islamic Law demands that all other legal systems and all other religions be subordinate to and dominated by Shariah. The method to achieve this end is Jihad, which is why the U.S. Treasury Department states unequivocally that Saudi Arabia is the leading financier of Jihad worldwide.

The Islamic Saudi Academy is just one beachhead in the “educational Jihad” to raise the next generation of American Muslim Jihadists.

Background on the Islamic Saudi Academy


The Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax, Virginia – just outside Washington, DC – is a radicalized and problematic institution, a training ground for Islamic extremists. Federal, state and County regulators, as well as private accrediation agencies, have engaged in negligence and willful blindness to the ongoing threat of the Saudi-provided radical materials and teachings in this school.

  • This private academy, with over 900 students in elementary through high school grades, is actually owned by the Saudi Embassy.
  • Press, government counterterrorism prosecutors and various Congressmen have repeatedly exposed the school’s links to terrorism, Wahhabi anti-semitic and anti-Christian fundamentalism, and adherence to the theo-political and military ideology of Shariah law.
  • The U.S. State Department and both Democratic and Republican administrations have enforced a cover-up of the radical textbooks used in the school.
  • The Fairfax Board of Supervisors just renewed the lease with the Saudi Embassy for one year, in return for a Saudi payment of $2.2 million.

A broad coalition of citizen’s groups has come together to investigate, expose and roll back these efforts by the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia to impose non-Democratic, anti-Constitutional values on American school children, only a few miles from the U.S. Capitol.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission continue to approve the expansion of the Islamic Saudi Academy into two new campuses in 2009, and citizens continue to attempt to stop the spread of Islamic Law – Shariah-compliant education – in Northern Virginia.



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