Saudi textbooks still teaching hate: report

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Jews, Christians referred to as apes and swine

Charles Lewis, National Post Published: Thursday, July 17, 2008

Despite promises to the U.S., Saudi students are still learning  from textbooks that espouse the killing of homosexuals and vilification of non-Muslims.Fahad Shadeed/ReutersDespite promises to the U.S., Saudi students are still learning from textbooks that espouse the killing of homosexuals and vilification of non-Muslims.

Despite a promise to remove attacks on other faiths from the public school curriculum, Saudi Arabia’s state-produced textbooks still refer to Jews and Christians as apes and swine, insist that Jews conspire to take over the world and on Judgment Day “the rocks or the trees” will call out to Muslims to kill the Jews, says the Washington-based Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank.

The textbooks, used by five million students in the kingdom every year, as well as in many Saudi-funded institutions outside the country, also attack homosexuals and Muslims who do not practice a fundamentalist form of Islam.

For example:

• “The punishment for homosexuality is death. The companions of the Prophet were unanimous on killing although they differed … in the manner of killing. Some companions … stated that a homosexual is to be burned with fire … he should be stoned or thrown from a high place.”

• “You can hardly find an example of sedition in which the Jews have not played a role.”

• Zionism has achieved its aims through a variety of “destructive movements” including the Rotary Clubs and International Lions Clubs, which are “Masonic clubs based in America and they have secret agents all over the world.”

One of the suggested activities for Grade 8 students is to “write a composition on the danger of imitating infidels, giving some examples of imitation among the students and then present it to his classmates.”

Nina Shea, author of the report, Saudi Arabia’s Curriculum of Intolerance, said the deeper problem the textbooks represent is a noxious ideology that is being exported all over the world.

“This ideology is kindling to [Osama] bin Laden’s match,” she said.

“It radicalizes those who are indoctrinated with it. The aim is to radicalize students to hate the West, hate non-Muslims, to hate Jews, and to say that killing is sanctioned by God.

“Saudi Arabia is making every effort to make it mainstream in the Muslim world and make it the dominant interpretation of Islam.”

She said the Saudi education system is the main reason Web sites designed to recruit suicide bombers are directed so heavily at Saudi youth.

The ultra-conservative Sunni kingdom practises a form of Islam called Wahhabism, which advocates jihad.

Ms. Shea, who produced her first report on the textbooks in 2006, said Saudi Arabia agreed to make changes after pressure from the United States. The deadline is September, 2008.

“[The State Department] had to look like we’re doing something in the face of this really toxic teaching,” she said.

“It’s so indefensible and so inexplicable that this is being disseminated. It’s not even private clerics or an enemy who is disseminating this. This is our ally.”

The international human rights lawyer said her latest study looked at the textbooks used in the 2007-08 school year. But she found little difference from the books studied for her first report and does not believe the Saudis will meet the September deadline.

Rather, she believes they agreed to make the changes as a “publicity ploy.”

“They want to take some of the pressure off by promising to make the changes ,but they are fairly confident that the State Department will not go after them and will not even bother to open the books or translate them, which they have not done at all.”

And when a new president enters the White House in January, the agreement will likely be forgotten, she said.

Ms. Shea believes Americans give Saudi Arabia an easy ride because of their country’s dependence on foreign oil.

“Oil independence is really important for this reason. Because it’s going to be very hard for the Saudis to change.”

Officials at the Saudi embassy in Washington, D.C., declined to comment.

National Post


New Hudson Institute Report Shows Saudi Ministry Textbooks Still Teach Extreme Intolerance

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comment by Jerry Gordon, American Congress for Truth, July 15, 2008

picture-of-nina-shea.jpgEarlier today, I talked with Nina Shea of Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute who was wrapping up a second Saudi text report. The 90 page report, “2008 Update: Saudi Arabia ’s Curriculum of Intolerance,” with a foreward by former CIA director R. James Woolsey was just released this afternoon. The Washington-based Institute for Gulf Affairs assisted in completion of the report released, today. This second Saudi text study encompassed a review of supposed reform texts drawn from the website of the Saudi Education Ministry. It reveals virtually no change in the core Wahhabi doctrine of hate and incitement to violence against other religions that was unveiled when the first Saudi text study was concluded in 2006. This means that the September 2008 deadline promoted by our State Department has been breached. As regards the current contretemps over the Islamic studies texts at the Islamic Saudi Academy in Virginia examined by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), where Shea is a Commissioner, this most recent Saudi text study throws in serious doubt the hasty efforts by the ISA Islamic studies faculty at redacting Saudi texts to conform to alleged US standards. Further as Ms. Shea comments it also questions the veracity and intent of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the World Muslim League’s current ‘ecumenical meetings’ with other faiths being held in Madrid, Spain this week.

Here are some examples by the Hudson Institute Center for Religious Freedom report:

    They assert that unbelievers, such as Christians, Jews, and Muslims who do not share Wahhabi beliefs and practices, are hated “enemies.” Global jihad as an “effort to wage war against the unbelievers” is also promoted in the Ministry’s textbooks: “In its general usage, ‘jihad’ is divided into the following categories: …Wrestling with the infidels by calling them to the faith and battling against them.” No argument is made here that such references to jihad mean only spiritual and defensive struggles. Lessons remain that Jews and Christians are apes and swine, Jews conspire to “gain sole control over the world,” the Christian Crusades never ended, the American universities of Cairo and Beirut are part of the continuing Crusades, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are historical fact, and on Judgment Day “the rocks or the trees” will call out to Muslims to kill the Jews.

    They teach that it is permissible for a Muslim to kill an “apostate,” an “adulterer,” and those practicing “major polytheism.” Shiites are among those identified as “polytheists.” One lesson states that “it is not permissible to violate the blood, property, or honor of the unbeliever who makes a compact with the Muslims,” but is pointedly silent on whether security guarantees are extended to non-Muslims without such a compact. Other lessons demonize members of the Baha’i and Ahmadiyya groups.

The reports notes the looming deadline of September 2008 negotiated with our State Department and questions the lack of genuine interfaith tolerance recently espoused by King Abdullah that we have posted.

    This analysis is issued as a deadline nears for the removal of intolerant teachings from all Saudi textbooks. This commitment stems from the Saudi government’s “confirmation” of policies that resulted from extensive bilateral negotiations with the U.S. ; these policies were publicly announced and lauded as “significant developments” by the State Department in July 2006. Whether Saudi Arabia ’s “comprehensive revision of textbooks” will be achieved by the start of the September 2008 school year remains to be seen. As the report documents, thorough textbook reform has not yet occurred.

    Saudi King Abdullah is taking a leading role in interfaith dialogue initiatives, including convening a conference in Madrid later this week. The report notes that the Saudi Education Ministry’s continued teaching of hatred and violence against other religious believers raises concerns about whether the Saudi government has a genuine desire to find common ground with other religions.

What this second Saudi text review by the Hudson Institute reveals is that the Wahabbi xenophobic doctrine still prevails in Saudi Arabia and that representations that core Quaranic elements would be ‘reformed’, and ‘modified’ are pure taqiyya-religiously sanctioned dissimilitude to fool the kafirs, the unbelievers, us. Shame on our State Department for believing in good faith that a new day has dawned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It hasn’t. What is the expression, the more things change, the more they remain the same.


New English Review: The Islamic Saudi Academy: a ‘hot potato’

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by Jerry Gordon (July 2008)

This article focuses on the controversy generated by a report of the Congressionally chartered group, The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (
USCIRF). The report spearheaded by Nina Shea of the Hudson Institute. The USCIRF reviewed the Saudi-sponsored Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) of Fairfax , Virginia, in particular the hate texts from its Wahhabi Islamic Studies program. It tells the story of a coalition of regional and national grass roots activist groups and a courageous U.S. Congressman, author of the landmark 1998 federal legislation (PL 105-202) that created the USCIRF, Rep. Frank Wolf of Northern Virginia . Who, faced with the feckless political actions of Fairfax County government officials, has vaulted the problems of the ISA from a local to a national and international arena. In the words of one of the leaders of the grass roots protests against the ISA, its Saudi Embassy sponsorship and its Wahhabi hate texts, Jim Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), and a former Capitol Hill aide, it has become a “hot potato.”

Christine Brim of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), noted in an email comment to the author the common thread from the 1990’s to today regarding citizen actions against the Saudi-sponsored ISA and the positions of local leaders:

Over the last twenty years, the boards of supervisors of Poolesville, Loudoun County , Fairfax County , and officials at the State Department all demonstrated the same craven support for the terrorist-financing regime of Saudi Arabia ‘s first radical madrassa in the U.S. , the Islamic Saudi Academy. Time after time, elected local officials gave in to the ISA in the face of Saudi petrodollars and intimidation. The good news is that also over the last twenty years, local citizens have organized and won against the ISA in Poolesville , MD and Loudoun County , VA. This year, the residents of Fairfax county have a chance to close down the ISA as recommended by the USCIRF. We have a chance especially in this election year; especially given the ISA Director’s refusal to obey Virginia laws to report – not to cover up – the alleged sexual abuse of a five year old student.

The scandal is how Gerald Connolly and the rest of the Fairfax board of supervisors may have created a political climate over the last several years making that alleged cover-up a probability.

Unlike Connolly, more socially responsible citizens in Poolesville , MD and in Loudoun and Fairfax counties have spoken out against the Saudis and against Saudi lessons in shariah law which requires violent jihad against other religions and against civil liberties.

A Washington Jewish Week report on the ISA hate text controversy entitled: “Islamic Text books get an F” raised the level of concern:

Pro-Israel activist and Silver Spring resident Sarah Stern, founder and president of the think tank EMET: Endowment for Middle East Truth, said the presence of institutions such as ISA exemplifies “a huge infiltration” of Saudi influence in America . Many of these institutions, she added, regularly expose students to militant Islamist philosophy.

“They’re hiding behind our constitutional protections, and we in the West who have a hands-off attitude are being seduced by our own naiveté,” she said. “It’s happening right under our noses. We are asleep at the wheel of history and we’ve got to wake up and take the sand out of our eyes.”

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