News about the Islamic Saudi Academy and Saudi Extremism


Press Coverage of ISA Controversy

June 23, 2008: Associated Press, from Charlottesville WCAV-TV: Fairfax Board Seeks State Department’s Input on Islamic Academy

June 23, 2008: WTOP News: County asks Sec. Rice for Input on Islamic School

June 23, 2008: NBC4 TV: Connolly Calls For State Department To Investigate Saudi Academy

NBC4 article:

June 23, 2008: Fox TV Channel 5: Karen Gray Houston reports on Gerald Connolly’s abrupt about-face on Saudi Academy

June 23, 2008: Washington Post: Board Seeks Input On Islamic School, Saudi Academy Subject of Fairfax Letter

June 17, 2008: NBC4 TV: Islamic School Director Arrested: Al-Shabnan Charged With Failure To Report Child Abuse

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The director of a Saudi government-funded Islamic school has been arrested and charged with failing to report a child abuse allegation, adding to scrutiny of the northern Virginia academy as protesters came out Tuesday to call for a federal investigation of its teachings.

Abdalla I. Al-Shabnan, director of the Islamic Saudi Academy, was also charged with obstruction of justice, according to a police report about the June 9 arrest. The misdemeanor counts come at a time when the private school is under heavy criticism from a federal commission and others over textbooks that allegedly teach violence and hate.

More than a dozen protesters lined up outside the school Tuesday, waving signs that read “Saudi hate is not an American family value” and “Islamic Shariah teaches violence and hate.”
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The protesters, including the conservative Traditional Values Coalition, want the Justice and State departments to investigate the school. The State Department last year obtained copies of the school’s textbooks but has so far refused to make them public.

Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition, said the arrest of al-Shabnan is just further evidence of problems at the school.

“The academy is a virtual one-stop shopping center for law enforcement,” she said, citing the case of a former school valedictorian, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, who was convicted of joining al-Qaida after leaving the school and plotting to assassinate President Bush….read more

June 18, 2008: Tribune Media Services (Star-Telegram) – Cal Thomas, columnist

Blood on the Supreme Court’s hands

June 17, 2008: Foe, Not Friend, by Frank J. Gaffney Jr., Jewish World Review:

That outcome will be the demand of community activists, champions of religious freedom and national security professionals who will be demonstrating at the Islamic Saudi Academy’s Alexandria campus at 8:00 a.m. this Tuesday morning. They are protesting a decision taken a fortnight ago by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to renew a county-held lease on this facility – a decision that was shameful and irresponsible then, and that is, in the wake of the USCIRF findings, utterly untenable now.

June 17, 2008: Channel 8: More Than a Dozen Protest at Saudi Academy

More than a dozen people protested outside a private Islamic school in northern Virginia that they say teaches violence and intolerance.

The protest Tuesday at the Islamic Saudi Academy near Alexandria (web|news), Va., comes a week after a federal commission found numerous troubling passages in the school’s textbooks. They include a passage that says that apostates – those who leave Islam – and adulterers may be permissibly killed.

The protesters want the State Department to make public copies of textbooks that it obtained from the Saudi Embassy. The State Department has so far refused to do so.

The academy says that the commission mistranslated and misinterpreted its textbooks.

June 13, 2008: Investors Business Daily: Mad For madrassas:

Islamofascism: Saudi money buys a lot in Washington, even an extension of a lease to an Islamic school that graduates terrorists and teaches its students it’s OK to kill non-Muslims.

June 3, 2008: NBC4: “Islamic School Searched After Abuse Allegations Surface – Authorities Say School’s Director Didn’t Report Abuse Allegations” …..”On May 23, detectives searched and seized computers, notes and records from the school’s Fairfax campus. According to court documents, Al-Shabnan directed the original report to be deleted from the school’s computers…” See the video report here.

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